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Customer Type Based Prices

Once you have created various customer types, you can set different prices for each customer type. For example, if you have defined two customer types as ‘retail’ customers and ‘wholesale’ customers, you can set different prices for your retail and wholesale types.

Remember: To create retail and wholesale prices you will first have to create retail and wholesale customer types on the Customer Type screen.

To access the customer type-based item prices screen, go to Parties>Customer’s Types Based Prices.

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When you select the customer type and change the selected items’ price, the price will change only for the selected customer type. This means, when the customers of this customer type are selected on the sales and return screen, they will be charged the price selected for such customers.

Creating Different Prices for Various Customer Types[spacer height=”20px”]

Changing the price of Selected Items for a particular customer type

Select the customer type from the Customer’ sTypes drop-down.

Press the move next button.


Select the items for which you want to set the customer type based prices

All selected items will load in the grid.

Change the price of each item in the grid.


Click Save

Changing the price of  Items for All Customer Types in One Go[spacer height=”20px”]

On the Customer Types Based Prices screen, select All Customer Types from the Customer Type drop-down


Select the items for which you want to set customer type-based prices

All items will load in the gird

Enter the price of the items in each customer type column


in All Retail Parties