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Saved Quotations Records

Saved Quotations Records

All saved quotations made on the sales and return screen are saved on the Quotation screen. Follow the steps listed below to effectively access, review, and load saved quotations in your system.

Navigate to the Quotation screen by going to Sale > Sale-Ad-ON > Quotation.

On the Quotation screen, you’ll find records of all the saved quotations.

You can locate the saved quotation by applying the necessary search criteria. Click the link Show/Hide Options and apply the required search criteria:

search criteria on the quotation screen

To review the details of a specific quotation, click on the quotation number in the Quote # column.  This will load the quotation slip displaying information about the items and their quantities in the selected quotation.

If you want to load a quotation onto the sales and return screen for making an invoice, locate the desired quotation in the Action column and click the arrow.

Quotation screen

Once a quotation is converted into an invoice, its status changes to ‘Closed.’

To view the status column, click on the Show/Hide Additional Columns link.

Note: The closed quotations cannot be reloaded on the sales and return screen.

quotation status

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