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Closing Shift in Your Store

Shift closing means closing all your sale transactions for a particular shift. The closing can be done for a specific register or all registers used during the shift.  Shift Closing thus enables you to track sales made during a particular shift and reconcile the sale totals with cash in the drawer on a regular basis.

For Shift closing, when you have completed sales operation for the shift, go to Sale>Shift Management screen.

Main menu navigation

Records tab of Shit Management Screen

If the user (doing the closing) is attached to a particular register, by default, records of only the attached register will be visible in the grid. If the user is attached to multiple registers, records of all registers will be visible.

shift closing record screen

If the user (doing the closing) is not attached to a particular register-and thus has the right to close any register- all registers will appear in the register drop-down menu.

Selecting the Open Shift Record

To select the open shift record:

From the Records grid select the Open shift record

Double click the record or click Shift management tab or Load button to load the record

The Shift management screen will show the Shift Status(for the selected record):

Shift status

Understanding the Shift Status

The status of the shift will appear as ‘Open’. All entries after the last shift closing will be included in the current shift)  and it will show the following details:

Opening Cash: The opening cash figure shows the cash amount in the register when the shift started (It is the closing amount of the last closed shift).

Cash Received: This figure shows any cash received during the active shift (sometimes, cashiers are usually provided with some ready cash before the shift starts because they will need to have cash handy for returning change to the customers. This cash is added to the total cash in the register).

Cash Skimmed: This figure shows any cash skimmed during the active shift.

Note: What is skimmed cash? While the salesperson is required to hand over all the cash to the owner at the end of the shift or the day, sometimes this handing over is also carried out during working hours or while the shift is still active. This happens at the big stores where sales transactions are fast and large amounts of cash are coming in through sales. For reasons of safety, the salesperson can then hand over some of the cash to the manager/owner. In Nimbus, this handing over of the cash during the active shift is called Skimming Cash.

Cash Sales: This figure shows the total cash sales made during the active shift.

Checking Cash Details

To check details of the Received Cash during the current shift, click the Received Cash tab. It will show the received amount and any comments entered while receiving the cash.

To check the details of Skimmed Cash during the current shift, click the Skimmed Cash tab. It will show the skimmed cash amount and any comments entered while skimming the cash.

To check the details of Cash Sales, click the Cash Sales Report tab. All cash sales made during the current shift will load in the grid.

Cash sales report

Also, click the ‘Generate Cash Sales Report’ button to make sure all sales made during the current shift are loaded in the grid.

Performing Shift Closing

To perform shift closing, follow the steps listed below:

Click the Close Shift tab.

By default, the current date will be shown in the Closing Date field. You can change it by clicking the calendar icon.

Enter cash in the register in the Cash Counted field.

Clicking on the Cash Notes Entry button in the Cash Counted field a pop-up will appear where you can enter the total cash amount.

Cash counted field

Cash notes entry

Note: cash in the register will include sales plus received cash minus skimmed cash

Enter the cash to be submitted to the manager in the Cash Submitted field. In the Cash Submitted field, you will enter the amount after subtracting the amount you want to leave as Closing Cash for the next shift. This cash will become the Opening Balance of the next shift.

The difference between Counted Cash and Cash Submitted amounts will become Closing Cash at Register.

Then click the Save button.

Entering shift management details

If the counted Cash tallies with the system, you will receive no error message, and your entry will be saved and the shift will be closed.

If the counted cash does not tally with the system cash, you will receive an error message. You have the option to ignore it and save closing.


Remember: Once you have closed the shift you cannot update the invoices made during the closed shift. To make any changes to the sales during the closed shift you will have to delete it.

Entering Received & Skimmed Cash

As explained above, sometimes, cash is received and skimmed during an active shift. The record should be kept for such entries to reflect actual cash in the register. Received and Skimmed cash amounts are entered on the Register closing screen during the active shift. At the time of closing, the shift status will show all received and skimmed cash amounts.

To enter the received cash amount, simply click the Received Cash button and enter cash in the Received Amount field and then click Save.

Received cash field

Similarly, click the Cash Skimming button to enter skimmed cash in the Skimmed Amount field and then click Save.

Cash skimming


Note: You can generate Register Closing Report by clicking the print icon on the Records tab.

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