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Adding Registers

In Nimbus, one default register is automatically created for each store. This means for personal version, one default register will be available. Whereas for Multi location version, three default registers will be available. You can make the following changes to a default register:

  • Change its Code[spacer height=”20px”]
  • Attach it with one or many users[spacer height=”20px”]

Making Changes to the Default Register

From the main menu select Configuration>Store Configuration>Register.

Main menu navigation

The default register will be visible in the grid. If it is a multi-store version, multiple default registers (one for each store) will be visible.


From the grid select the register you want to update by double clicking on the table record.

Default Code will appear in the Register Code field.

Change code and click Update.

Editing register

Adding New Register

According to your requirements you can use Nimbus on additional devices or create new tills. Nimbus helps you do this by adding new registers. You can then attach each register with different users.

Note: All additional registers have to be paid for.

To add new register click on the New button then from the Store drop down menu, select the specific store you want.

Enter register code in the Register Code field.

Click Save.

Adding new register

All defined registers against each shop will appear in the grid.

Registers grid

Note: You can define multiple registers against a single store.

Deleting a Register

Default registers cannot be deleted. But you can delete any additional register created in Nimbus provided no sale is punched in it.

To delete an additional register, from the grid select the register you want to delete.

Click Delete button.

in Store Configuration