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Defining Employees Type

Depending on the size of a particular business, there will be a number of people on the business’ payroll. There may be various designations and many people may be working under a particular-designation; on this screen, you can define the type (or designations) that the nature of your business requires.

Defining Employees Type

To define employee types, from the main menu select Configuration>Store Configuration>Employee Type.

Main menu navigation

In the Name field enter the designation of the employee.

Enter code in the Code field.

Give it a Sort Order number.

Enter Comments about the designation if any.

Click Save to add employee type.

Employee type

All the defined Employee types will appear in the grid of the Records tab.

Records tab

Once you have defined Employees Types, you will go to Configuration>Store Configuration>Store Employee tab to define employees and assign type to each employee.

in Store Configuration