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Cleaning Data

New users may need to clean data after they have explored Nimbus for a while and what to start afresh. Cleaning or Deleting Data in Nimbus is easy. Let’s learn how to do it.

To access Clean Data screen, from the side bar menu select Utilities>Clean Data.

Main menu navigation

On loading this tab the following screen will be loaded.

Clear options

Clear Sales check box: If you want to clear your sales data mark this check box.

Clear All Transactions check box: This will clear all transactions on all the screens for example PO, GRN except your Sales Receipts and Items defined.

Clear Items check box: This will clear all the items defined. To enable this check box, ‘Clear Sales’ and ‘Clear Transactions’ check boxes must be checked.

This process will create a ticket for data deletion request.

After a while you will get a call from the support department to confirm your request.

Once you confirm it, your data will be deleted in a day.

After deleting your data you can upload sample data from the options provided on the screen depending upon your choice.

The selected sample data will be loaded.

Load sample data

Note: Uploading sample data will clear out all your existing data and load Sample Data of the selected business type.

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