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General Settings in Nimbus

General settings in system Configuration module in Nimbus RMS allows you to make default settings and configurations that will dictate how various functionalities and features on Nimbus screens are to be used.

To access System Configuration, go to the Configuration>System Configuration from the main menu.

Users defined under the Administrator group can make default settings according to the business requirements.

All tabs on the system configuration screen help you make default settings related to various functionalities.

Let’s learn about the General Settings:

Company Information

Entering basic company info

Name: In this field, add the name of the company. This name will be printed on all crystal reports.

Address: Enter the company’s address for printing on all crystal reports.

Label Company Name: The name entered here is printed on barcodes.



Click Update to save settings.


Data View Limitation: This configuration is used to restrict the view of information on reports and Sales and Return Search screen. The numeric value given in this text box is the number of days up to which the user can view the data. The restriction is applied to only those Users for which the Group Rights>Security Users>Bypass Data View Limitation is “Un-Checked”.

Show Pack Quantity on Reports: By default, the system shows sale quantity in “Units” on all reports. If this checkbox is “Checked” the system will show sale quantity in “Pack” on “C-01” and “C-03” Reports.

Allow Duplicate Mobile Number: You can enter customers’ mobile numbers while defining new customers. If you don’t want to define multiple customers with the same mobile number, you need to uncheck this checkbox.

Note: If you have checked this checkbox, the system will not restrict you and you can define multiple customers with the same mobile number as well.

Stock Count

Stock count

Stock Count: When this check box is Checked, the system will not show confirmation popup on adding a new item during the stock count.






in System Configuration