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Inventory Levels

Inventory levels refer to the number of items you want to hold in your stock. Inventory re-order level, on the other hand, is a specific threshold at which you decide to replenish the inventory. When the stock reaches a predetermined re-order level, it can serve as a reminder for re-ordering products to maintain a sufficient quantity and avoid stock-outs.

Defining Inventory Levels and Inventory Re-Order Levels

Navigate to Inventory Management > Inventory Levels.

If you have multiple stores, select the store from the Store drop-down menu for which you want to set inventory levels and re-order levels. (Note: For single stores, the store will be automatically selected.)

Choose the items for which you want to set inventory levels. Use the radio buttons to filter items. (Note: If inventory levels for certain items are already defined, the ‘Defined Levels’ radio button will be pre-selected, and the system will display those items.)

After selecting the items, click the “Move Next” button.

inventory levels in Nimbus-1

You’ll now see a grid on the screen where you can input the inventory levels and inventory re-order levels for the selected items.

Enter the desired inventory quantity in the “Inventory Levels” and “Inventory Re-Order Levels” columns.

setting inventory levels in Nimbus

Finally, click “Save” to confirm and save your inventory level settings.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your inventory levels and ensure that you maintain a sufficient quantity of products while avoiding stock-outs.

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