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Adding Customers

All customer details are added to Nimbus on the Customer screen. To open this screen, from the main menu select Parties>Customer

Customers tab from the main menu

Basic information about the navigation bar:

Customers navigation bar

The navigation bar shows options Records and the Customer Definition. The record tab shows a summary of all defined customers and their relevant information.  To enter a new customer record, select the customer definition tab.  The color of the selected tab will turn red.

Adding a Customer:[spacer height=”20px”]

Customer basic information

In the Customer Info section, Customer fields will show shop ID (where the customer is being defined) and auto-generated customer number. Nimbus automatically generates a unique customer number for every customer. Even if two customers share the same name, this number is unique to each individual Customer.

Enter the customer’s name in the editable customer field. Then select Customer Type from the drown-down menus. Nimbus allows you to assign customers to a Customer Type. You can create customer types on Parties>Customer Types. Customer types can be used to assign type-wise discounts.

Select Gender, Expiry Date, DOB and Anniversary. The start date is defined as the current date.

Note: Expiry Date is the date when membership of a particular customer expires or ends.

Entering Customer Contact Information:[spacer height=”20px”]

Customer contact information

How to Define Credit Customer

You can mark the customer as a credit customer by checking the checkbox named “Allow Credit

Enter Credit Limit that a customer is allowed in the Credit limit field.

One important step while adding customer’s details in Nimbus is to enter the opening balance amount owed by the customer. The Opening Amount is the amount of all outstanding invoices that have not been paid by the customers.

Now expand the Customer Contact section. In this section, you have to provide the details of the customer by filling the fields such as the private mobile number, office mobile number, email, NIC number, and your occupation.

Afterward, you have to select the city and the area. A drop-down will appear when you click on these fields from where you can select your city and the area. In the address field, you have to write down your current address.

There’s a comment section also where you can enter customer details.

After entering the information:[spacer height=”20px”]

Button controls

Cancel: If you don’t want the record to be added press this cancel button.

Save: Press the save button in order to get your record list updated with the new record.

Update: After editing the information press this update button to get your record updated.

Adding another customer record

When you click the Save button after entering information, all information will be saved and at the same time, a clear form appears for the next record.

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