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Applying Discounts

There are four types of discounts that can be applied to sales receipt:

  • Product Discount
  • Receipt/Marketing Discount
  • Customer Discount
  • Adjustment

Let’s learn how each type of discount is applied to sales.

Product Discount


Pre-configured Product discount is a product-specific discount that is configured on the Discount screen and is applied by default whenever such products are purchased.

For example, if a 5 percent discount on a certain product is configured and this product is loaded on the sales and return screen, the system will automatically apply a 5 percent discount and the amount will be deducted from the total amount. The product discount will appear in the cart in red color.

You can also check the product discount by clicking the blue product button in the cart to expand it:

applying discount on Nimbus POS

When product discounts are not pre-configured

Even when discounts are not configured for certain products, you can discount an item during sales. However, to be able to do so you need to have the POS Discount Editing right.

Remember: Rights for POS discount editing are given to a User Group on the Group Rights screen.

To apply item discount during an ongoing sale, follow the steps given below:

Load the item.

Click the blue product button in the cart to expand it (see the above figure)

Select Percentage or value, and enter discount.

The discounted amount will appear in red color against the product in the cart.

Receipt/Marketing Discount

It is the discount that is deducted from the total amount of the sale receipt. It is a pre-configured discount and the system will automatically deduct the configured percentage or value from the total amount.

receipt discount

Remember: The receipt discount is configured on the Discount Screen.  To configure it, select the Advance Discount Type and then select the radio button Discount on Total Amount. Enter the receipt amount on which the discount will be applicable, and enter a discount amount in percentage or value. 

Customer Discount

It’s a special discount allowed to a particular customer. Such discounts are attached to customers while defining them. Whenever a customer is selected on the sales and return screen, the type of discount attached to the customer will automatically apply. Discounts for a particular customer type are configured on the Customer Type screen and these types are then attached to customers on the Customer Definition screen. Customer discount will appear in the Customer Discount Field.

Details of Customer discount will appear in Receipt Details. See the above figure


Adjustment is a run-time adjustment to the total amount of sales. This type of discount is also right based and can be given by the user group having the right to Apply Adjustment on the Group Rights screen.

To Apply adjustment follow the steps below:

Load all the items.

Enter the adjustment amount in the Adjustment field.

The adjustment can be made either to decrease the total amount of the receipt or to increase it. To deduct from the total amount, enter adjustment with the negative sign. Whereas to add to the total amount, enter it without the negative sign.

To enter Adjustment in value or percentage, click  F1 in the adjustment filed.

The Adjustment Limit pop up will appear.

Enter value or percentage and apply

Applying adjustment in Nimbus

An adjustment can be applied within the limit set on the System Configuration>Sale tab. For example, if 10% is the limit the total amount of the adjustment shouldn’t exceed 10 percent of the total receipt amount.

Nimbus will calculate the adjustment amount according to the entered percentage.

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