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Adding Suppliers

Adding supplier in NimbusRMS[spacer height=”20px”]

Welcome to Nimbus RMS support. In this article, we will cover how to add suppliers in Nimbus RMS. To access the Supplier screen, from the main menu select Parties>Suppliers

Selecting suppliers from main menu


Basic information about the navigation bar:[spacer height=”20px”]

Suppliers navigation bar

The navigation bar has two options namely Records and Supplier. The record tab will show a complete list of all defined suppliers and the relevant information.

For defining a new supplier record, select the supplier tab.  The selected tab will turn red.[spacer height=”20px”]

Enter basic data about the Supplier: [spacer height=”20px”]

Adding Supplier basic information

Supplier Name: It is the name of the company or the person involved. This name will appear in all the supplier drop-down menus and on all the invoices of the supplier. 

Opening Balance: It is the outstanding amount payable to the supplier on the supplier’s opening date. 

Note: Supplier Opening Balance is reflected on Supplier Account Opening and Supplier Payments screens. 

NTN: Enter suppliers NTN number. 

STRN: Enter the sales tax registration number. 

Comments: In this section, you can give your feedback regarding the additional information of the suppliers that are required for your record.

End Date: It is the date you enter when you want to terminate a particular supplier’s record. After the end date, the supplier’s name will not be visible on Item Definition or GRN supplier drop-down menus. However, after the end date, the record of the previous suppliers exists and will not be deleted from the record. You can easily select the end date by clicking on the calendar icon(Calendar icon) at your extreme right. [spacer height=”20px”]

Entering contact details of the Supplier: [spacer height=”20px”]

Adding Supplier contact information

Upon clicking on the Contact Details, the following fields appear: 

Contact Person: It can be any representative of the supplier who can be contacted for business purposes. 

Phone Numbers: You have to enter two office phone numbers i.e. Phone 1 and Phone 2. The respective contact person will be contacted through these numbers mentioned. Additionally, you also have to enter the personal phone number of the supplier. 

Email address: It is the email address of the supplier. 

City: You can select the city of the suppliers by clicking on the drop-down list. 

Address: It is the current address of the supplier. 

Editing Supplier Records: [spacer height=”20px”]


Cancel: If you don’t want the record to be added press this cancel button. 

Save: Press the save button in order to get your record list updated with the new record.

Update: After editing the information press this update button to get your record updated. 

Delete: If you want to delete your record press this button. 

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