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How to Select Specific Items

How to select Specific Items:

Items can be selected using three alternate ways namely Item List, Item Selection, and Load File. To select one of the mentioned options select the respective radio button.

Select item from mentioned options

If you have selected the Item List radio button:

search item

Click the button in the  Search Item field to select items

A pop-up of Item Help will appear on the screen.

Search items by entering the name or code of the time you want to select

All searched items will load in the grid

Select the items to load them

select item by clicking

selected items you want to apply the discount

Click Save.

If you have selected the Item Selection radio button:

Item selection is selected

From the Department field drop-down, select the department whose products you want to load

From the Category drop-down select the categories

Click the Move Next button.

All items of the selected department and category will load in the grid.

You can add multiple items from the same department by changing its category and clicking the MOVE NEXT button. Repeat this procedure till you have added all the items of your choice.

Note: You can select single or multiple departments from the drop-down depending upon your choice and then add specific items by selecting the different categories defined for each item.

select multiple department

Then click Save.


If you have selected the Load File radio button:

selected Load file

On selecting this option new fields will appear on the screen. By clicking the Choose File button you can add the items directly from the file you have uploaded.

The loader file should be in CSV or text file

Review the items that have been uploaded into a table.

Delete the items if you don’t need them

Click Save.


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