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How to Reserve Restaurant Tables

Most restaurants want to give the option of booking tables in advance to their customers. Nimbus Restaurant software provides the functionality to reserve tables in advance. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to reserve tables in Nimbus RMS.

Go to the sales and return screen

From the restaurant features menu, select ‘More Options’ to access the Table Reservation screen.

Table reservation menu

On the  table reservation screen, enter the customer’s Name and Phone Number in the relevant fields

How to reserve restaurant tables in Nimbus RMS

Click the Date field to select the time and date of booking

From the pop-up calendar select data and time and click Done
To make the reservation now, click Now. The system will save the current booking time

date selection for table reservation

Add the total seating capacity required in the PAX (number of persons) field

Select the Hall and Table (where the customers will be seated) from the drop-down menus

Enter Comments if you want to

Click Save to save the reservation record

How to Modify, Remove, or Close a Reservation Entry

For updating, deleting, or closing a reservation entry, choose the Date range during which the record was created.

The reservation records entered during the selected date range will be displayed on the screen’s right side.

Select the Load button next to the desired record.

table reservation records

The entry will load onto the reservation screen.

For modifications, edit the necessary details and press the Update button.

To delete the entry, click the Delete button.

For closure, select the Close button.
(Note: Closure occurs after the reservation date and fulfillment of booked services.)


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