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Importing Products from a CSV file into Nimbus

Instead of defining each item on the item definition screen, you can simply import all items, along with their attributes and pricing details, into the application. Importing products is quicker and it is extremely easy to do so.

Let’s learn how to create and import a CSV item file.

To import your items in Nimbus you need to navigate to Item> Item definition from the menu and then click the import button in the new mode. After that, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Click the import button and select the file you need to load in Nimbus RMS

Import button

  • Choose a .csv file to import items in the Nimbus

Import through csv file format

  • Once you have selected the file to import, Nimbus RMS will check for errors, perform different validations on the file, and take you to the Column-matching screen. At this stage, you’ll be able to map the correct columns from the drop-down to the file columns

Mapping columns

  • If you are importing a file without size and color items, there are just three mandatory columns and for items with variants, there are seven mandatory columns. After selecting the mandatory and important columns you just need to click the start import button. Nimbus will take some time according to the size of the file and validate different errors.
    Important: The size code and color code should be of three characters/digits. 

Saving items

  • If there are some errors, the system will show you errors and you need to make the changes according to the error description. If there are no errors, nimbus will upload the file and show you the details of the number of saved items and unsaved items

Loaded items


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