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Creating Item Assemblies

What is an Item Assembly?

Combining/assembling two or more items to sell it as one is called Item assembly. Sometimes retailers may offer a package deal and sell two or more items as one combined product. You can think of the assembled product as a Parent item and the items that are put together to make parent item as Child items. There may be different reasons for offering such deals such as combining a fast-selling item with items not selling so well and offering it at an attractive price. Whatever the reason, Nimbus RMS allows you to create item assemblies.

Note: It is important to note that Assemblies can only be created for items without size and color.

Defining Assembly Item

On the Item Definition tab, Define a new product.

Enter Item Name to identify it as an assembly product.

In the Retail Price field, enter the price at which you want to sell the assembly item.

Don’t enter the cost price, the application will calculate the cost price by adding the cost of all child items.

Now click on the Show Additional Info link and mark the check-box Is Assembly.

Then click the Save button.

Creating item assembly

Creating Item Assembly

Once you have defined and saved the assembly item, click the Item Assembly tab.

Enter Item Code or Item Name of the child Item you want to add and click the Search button. And from the grid select the Item you want to add.

Item selection help

Now in Qty field enter the quantity of the selected products you want to add to the assembly product and click Add button. In the example given below, the quantity for all child items being added is set to one.

Adding quantity of assembly items

When all child items and their quantities are added, click Save.

Total price of the assembly item

On the Item Definition tab, the Cost price field of the assembly item will show the total cost of the child items added to make an assembly.

Item cost details

Selling Assembly Products

You can sell Assembly Items on the Sales screen. The stock of the assembly item and its child items will be managed automatically. This means if you sell one assembly item, Nimbus RMS will automatically deduct stock of the child items (according to their added quantities) from their total stock.

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