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Modes of Taking Payments

Taking Payments for Sales

Once you have added all the items for a particular sale, the next step is to receive payments against the items being sold. Nimbus RMS can handle various modes of payments. Let’s have a look:

To open the payment screen, after adding items click the Payment button at the bottom of the screen.

On the payment screen you can receive payments in the following modes:

Cash Payment

To receive a cash payment, simply enter the received amount in the Cash Paid field. The balance amount, if any, will appear in the Balance field.

Note: If there is any mistake in the entered amount, simply click the Clear button at the bottom of the screen. This will clear the amount entered in the payment field. Enter the new amount.

Click Save.

Credit Card Payments

To receive payments through credit cards, enter the amount received against each credit card in the Amount field. And click Save.

Note: The names of only those credit cards will appear on the payment screen that have been defined in the system.

Credit Payments

If a credit customer is selected on the Sales and Return screen, the payment screen will show the entire payable amount in the Credit Amount field. The credit customer, however, has the option to make the entire payment or some of the payment in cash or through credit card. The balance amount, if any, will appear under balance receivable on Customer Receipts screen.

Receiving Payment in Multiple Modes

Nimbus allows you to take multiple payments on the same sale. Just enter the amount in each payment mode field (cash and various credit cards) and Save. If it’s a credit customer, the balance, if any, will appear as payable in customers ledger.



The sales receipt against multiple payment modes also shows details of payment modes.

Payment details


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