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How to Enter Stock of an Item

While you enter stock on the GRN screen, Nimbus RMS provides you with the option to easily enter stock while defining items. This option is useful when you already have the stock and you need to define it in Nimbus RMS.

How to Enter Stock While Defining an Item

When you define item on the Item Definition screen and save it, the Stock Entry tab becomes enables


Click the Stock Entry tab

The Stock Entry screen will load displaying the selected item with its cost and retail price (if defined)

If you are using the personal version of Nimbus RMS, you will only have to select the supplier name from the supplier drop-down field

if you are using the enterprise version, you will select the store (where you want to enter the stock) from the store drop-down

After selecting the Store and the Supplier, enter the stock value in the Stock field


Click Save to save the record.

How to Enter Stock of Already Defined Items

To enter stock of any item that has already been defined, select the item on the All Item list screen

Double click the selected item


The selected item will load on the Item definition screen

Now you can follow the steps mentioned above and enter the stock.

Repeat this step for each item whose opening stock you have to define.

Remember: The Head Office can enter the opening stock of any item at ‘HO Controlled Stores‘ only, the system generates a Goods Receipt Note(GRN) against that item.


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